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Promoting Oral Language Production

As a French teacher, my heart swells when I hear my students speaking the language. I know their sense of language affiliation is strengthened through speaking. Learners entering school with no language base in French don’t just magically become spontaneous speakers of French. Research consistently shows what language teachers do and how they do it has a direct impact on the language expertise of their learners. 

Making Language Thinking Visible

Taking inspiration from the work of Harvard’s Project Zero, I consider and explore the role of questioning, listening, and documenting in early French immersion classrooms. Join me as I paint my own “Pictures of Practice” and explore ways to advance learning by adapting thinking routines for the French language classroom.

Language Identity

Sense of identity is constantly evolving; linguistic identities are no exception. Due to the sociocultural nature of language acquisition, relationships and sense of belonging are critical elements to consider for language teachers. Join me as I explore culturally sustaining educational practices and strive to nurture linguistic identities.

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