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Body Movement Chants

Body Movement Chants

Moving our bodies while speaking is a fun way to practice critical vocabulary. I love to make up little chants to match up with broader themes. Once again we are seeking that pleasant repetition so our learners can have fun and build their confidence. I like to make the movements challenging enough that kids are really having to engage their brains in order to get their hands working in the right ways.

Here is a little one to practice grand/petit and en haut/en bas:

« Petit coeur en haut » (Hands in a heart shape in front of your chest)
« Petit coeur en bas » (Hands in an upside down heart shape in front of your tummy)
« Grand coeur en haut » (Arms in a heart shape above your head)
« Grand coeur en bas » (Arms in an upside down heart shape by your knees)
« En haut: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 » (This is with your hands together at a point above your head, then you stretch up higher and higher with each count)
« Ouvre! » (Open your hands wide all the way down)

When I first introduce a new chant, I encourage the learners to follow along with their bodies and to try to say it with me. By the second round, many kids are already able to say it with confidence. By the third or fourth repetition, the learners are saying the chant without me! For the last time, I tell them they can count en haut as high as they want. Today, one of my learners counted to forty!

Tomorrow we’re going to try doing this chant with a partner where each partner is half of the heart. I think it will be a fun challenge!

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